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Rebecca had planned a shopping expedition to London at about this time, and she took the opportunity of visiting the Oyez shop run by The Solicitors Law Stationery Society Ltd, in Hanover Street, near Oxford Circus, to buy some legal forms. The Solicitors Law

Stationery Society Ltd also has Oyez shops in other parts of London, and in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Liverpool. You do not have to be a solicitor to buy county court forms; and you can write for them to their office at 237 Long Lane, London SE1, if this is more convenient. Rebecca bought the following county court forms:

Form C.C. 83A: List of documents (4 copies) Form C.C. 119: Notice to admit documents (2 copies)

Form C.C. 120: Notice to produce documents at hearing (2 copies)

Those forms cost her altogether 22p; if she had ordered them by post or phone, rather than in person and asked for the forms to be sent to her, there would have been 27p to add.

At this stage, the form she really needed was the list of documents, form C.C. 83A, but she thought she might as well get the others while she was there.

There is no need to use the printed forms produced by law stationers for any of the documents required in connection with a county court case. But when it comes to coping with discovery of documents, using a printed form is helpful. For one thing, there is a prescribed and rather wordy formula used for the list of documents, and she was more or less bound to adopt the standard wording of this.

Rebecca bought four copies of form C.C. 83A although she might have managed with three. She would use one copy for drafting the document, the rough version, which would probably end up with lots of crossings-out, and so not be suitable for use as an original. The second copy was for the original, the posh copy, which she would send to the court when it was ready. The third copy was for Dodds & Son. And the fourth was a clean copy for her to keep.

read on: Witness Summons

Now that she knew the date of the hearing, Rebecca could go to the court office to obtain a witness summons for procuring the attendance of the mechanic from XYZ Appliances.

It turned out to be a simple matter. 'I wish to issue a witness summons, please,' she said, showing her plaint note, which always had to be produced for any sort of application at the court office. The clerk brought out a form, called a request (formerly praecipe). It was simple to fill in. She had to write the name of her case in full, with the plaint number, and then state the name, address and occupation, as fully as she... see: Witness Summons

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